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someone you love with a Messenger Bird


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Every hand crafted bird comes with a blank note,
nestled in the belly of each bird. Write your own personalized message and send it away!

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The Messenger Bird makes for a unique gift for any type of occasion, whether it holds your children’s weekly to do list or a special love note. If you’re at a loss for words, why not replace the note with paper currency. Every bird is individually hand crafted with its own unique markings.

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Why do special people in our lives love hand written personalized notes? People appreciate the subtle time it takes for a hand written note to be created. With today’s world and all its technology a hand written note expresses true sincerity and uniqueness.

We believe the greatest gift given are the truest words written, that’s why in everything we do we strive for authentic human connections, we do this through personalized handmade gifts called Messenger Birds.

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